Jumlah Paparan Halaman

Ahad, Mei 12, 2013


Kota Buku and 10 best selected teachers gather together with Mie Mambo and Panjang for the challenging History subjects. We selects a few chapters in Official History text books focused for syllabus of form 4 and 5. Main objectives here are to form several methods so called graphic presentations by combination of those teachers and artists. placed in hall room at Grand Millineum Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, bunch of thinkers,contributors and artists must work for their long term goal in creative way for History subject presentations. This is first time ever collaboration project have made.

A Briefing by Tuan Hj. Muslimin : Teacher and The History Author.
 Another briefing by Mr. Azman Sharif.
 Discussion with Mr. Faizal Abdul Jalil a.k.a Panjang and Teachers
 Lets Make it true!!
 A few illustrations by Mie Mambo.
 Mr.Yusuf Gajah in another briefing Session.
 Mr.Yusuf Gajah's artworks : iconic elephants
 Meet Dino..an old friend...at Bukit Bintang.
 Meet Dino my old master in Bukit Bintang.

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