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Isnin, Ogos 25, 2008

NURAS new formation new agenda..the punkrockers has arrived!!!


Who is N.U.R.A.S ??


• Formed by two brother
• Plays alternative music (combination of punk/pop/grunge/folk)
• Released first demo recorded at Dhabooka studio (now-AUDIOMASS)
• Only two members plus sesionist – Wan hafizi of daily metro (bass) and Cin (drums)


• First appear at MATIC with ABONATION and SILLFIRRSILL
• Appeared in several acoustic performances
• Demo ‘wake up!’ released
• Wie went home to Kuala Kangsar
• Only Mie have left with a few sesionist members
• Nurie joined the band and make another move of NURAS


• Wie comeback and form the band again
• NURAS known as N.U.R.A.S
• Appeared at RUMAH PENA in February
• Repacked the first demo and appeared at Maju Junction in May
• Appeared at PWTC without Wie in April

2008 ( JUNE)

• Wie,Mie and Nurie confirmed to reform the band by new direction
• Yan Lefhanded joined for a few weeks
• Boy a drummer/percussionist joined the band as permanent member
• Bambang (ex-Trimatra) joined the band as permanent member-position-bassist
• The second live demo released-recorded at AUDIOMASS, setiawangsa,KL
• Recorded the E.P at FYI Entertainment (owned by Hermando Y2K)

more informations log on www.myspace.com/nurasite
enjoy NURAS!!!