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Sabtu, Disember 09, 2006

Nur azmi is Back!!

Nur Azmi is back! now the coloboration with the author- Keats Markandu. Nur azmi appearing as an illustrator on the book entitled " My Shop and My Best Friend". 32 pages children's books with full coloured format. all sales and proceeds by these books are specially to honourable disable people in Cheshire Homes.

About Nur Azmi:

Nur Azmi a young talented artist based in Kuala Lumpur.Originally born in Kuala Kangsar,Perak in 1980.Graduated from MARA University of Technology (UiTM), Shah Alam in Bachelor of Arts and Design. he's started out as a cartoonist and painter.some of his artworks have been publishes in many local humour magazines .In March 2006 he's came along with his first Graphic novel entitled "Mambo di Kuale!!". the other books illustrated by Nur Azmi are "Siri Citra Moral" the award winner titled in Geneva,2005 written by Prof.Madya Dr.Norhayati Mukti , and severals by local publishers.Nur Azmi now still working as serious cartoonist,writter,illustrator and a "post-naive" painter.
About author:
Keats Markandu is not an ordinary homemaker,the former nurse in UK also a good children's storryteller and garden enthusiast.stories of two books " my best friend" and 'My Shop and My Best friend" are inspirations by her 15 years as a volunteer with disabled in Kuala Lumpur.live in Kuala lumpur with her husband and 3 grown children. keats also a founder of The Sunshine Group, a group of voluntary of disabled in Selangor Cheshire Home.

Latest artworks from two Malaysian artists- Nur Azmi and Zaharuddin Sarbini. special project for donation of Rumah Amal Cheshire ,Malaysia.

two books in one set:

1) My shop and my best friend
author: Keats Markandu
illustrated: Nur Azmi Mokhtar
publisher: Keats Markandu
printed date: November 2006
price : RM 20

2) My best friend
author: keats Markandu
illustrated: zaharuddin Sarbini
publisher: Keats Markandu
printed date: November 2006
price; RM20