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Ahad, April 28, 2013

Muiz my young collector from Universiti Malaya.

Hafiz, Muiz and Acap a three U.M students came to my house in April 28th. Muiz came and bought my new painting entitled 'In memory- Aku,Lili dan Gajah Biru 2013' .
 Gifts from Mie Mambo to Muiz, Hafiz and Acap.  Mie Mambo sketch the caricatures
A young and handsome young man, Muiz came to my house late evening then my new artwork. This is a very memorable moment for me (Mie Mambo) and family. Lately, i spent my times every Sunday to make paintings. After a few years without any exhibition for my paintings, i started to produces more paintings this year. I'll keep on  paint more and more quality artworks for the future. thank you so much to my guru, Yusuf Gajah reminded me about my painting works. Yes 'guru' I've been busy with illustrations, writing and music last two years.  Its hardest feeling for me,  i had leave my painting artworks along two years. I was started by caricatures, portrait and comic but paintings brought me to the new level in my art  career. I still remember in 2004 during my days with Gajah-Gajah gallery, I've sold my paintings more than 40 pieces in a month. The Gallery was a ticket for me to further my arts till these days.

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