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Selasa, April 14, 2009

2009: Year of paradigm!! report; NATIONAL ART GALLERY FEBRUARY 2009

My booth and my day to meet my fans

My Mini solo exhibition

A fan bought my premier graphic novel, "Mambo di Kuale!!". The stuff still have it's own fans from the year it's been publish (2006).Thanx a lot to all "mambo" fans. this stuff will explore to Europe in this year.

Wie a most important pal during the day. he's helped me selling my merchandise such like postcards,keychains and etc.

Nur Azmi with wife, Ida Sri at his booth.

wie do some detail observation on Nur Azmi's Artworks. This picture taken at Nur Azmi's solo mini exhibition in National Art Gallery.

em... with his live skecth by Nur Azmi.

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