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Sabtu, Januari 31, 2009

Caricature attack!! + Mie Mambo Road Tour (Special New year 2009)

Two different places + two wonderfull places. Aeon AU2 just opened to public in December 2008.Our team (Mie Mambo rangers), right there at the lobby of the building. A few friends also appeared at the moment.They are Dwen, Ad a.k.a. Tiongman and Oly (former illustrator of creative Enterprise).Mie Mambo did the caricature and his own tour a long january 2009.promoting his art, caricature skills, merchandising and etc.
good responses we have from the crowd. they are gather to gather allowed us to draw their caricature and live skecth. thanks a alot to AEON AU2 especially Cik Aldini and the boss Mejar (r)Encik Ahmad for providing us the nice and comfortable space.

Ana and Ella are sibling. they are sisters. but look a bit different. after their caricature have done by Mie Mambo, they come once again and brought their parent. The mama and papa also enjoy their own caricature by Mie mambo.Thanx for your support!!

Dwen have a little shock when Mie Mambo snaped his photo. Dwen also appeared in 3 weeks joined the rangers. a talented father with his own styles. mie mambo salute you Dwen as one of interesting artist in our local indie-art scene. Dwen felt happy and cheerfull when our rangers non-stop caricature served to our customer included our fans too. Thanx AEON AU2 for everything you guys have gave to us!!

KKlub taman Melawati became Mie Mabo and friends second place in January 2009. KKub provided a nice place (the klub's entrance) to them for promoting arts and caricature.it was Mie Mambo's really extra-vaganza bussy January. To joined the rangers, Jonos (ex-Ameen's illustrator) and Manzar (ex-Blues Selamanya) are gather together brought their skills and arts.Thanx a lot to Pn. Sheema and Khauli for served us well at KKlub.

Manzar rocks on!!!(right) and Mie Mambo punk on!!

Mie Mambo's new banner design.

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