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Khamis, Ogos 09, 2007

kenangan Bersama Sirrfillsirr

the greatest memory in Nuras journey as a band. Mie Nuras and Asmawi Mohter (original Nuras) experienced the fine concert that was sharing the stage with two groups. the groups are the Abonation who played world/fusion/traditional music and SirrFillSirr, the group who played ambient blended with world music grooves. SirrfillSirr,the group from Lion City, Singapore was perform a good acoutic skills with some extra flavour of electro feels during the concert. The second and opening act, the Abonation shows the audiens, 'What they called the music-World/fusion'. and the next guest star during the concert was Nuras. Nuras comprising two brothers as the main line-up appeared with clasics folk rock stlye. there is no noise sounds the band appeared a long the durations. only folkie guitar and rusty tunes. Nuras heat the auditorium space with their single called,'Nadai'that provokes the world to end any wars.The song telling about the worst and negative impacts when the world becoming the battlefield.It's a humanity contact between Nuras and the audients.

More about Nuras- www.myspace.com/nurasite
more aout The abonation- www.myspace.com/theabonation
more about sirrfillSirr- www.myspace/com/sirrfillsirr

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