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Jumaat, Jun 01, 2007

Novel Grafik kedua yang dinanti-nantikan!

The second graphic novel by the young artist Nur Azmi now ready to get enough heat to realese! Above ,the preview of the cover design by Nuriman Manap. Will be on dry market in June 2007. After a several progression and evolution, this comic finally get it's chance to entering the bittersweet local comic industries. What kind of different this time? Only you the comic maniacs could determine! Still with his simple and sweet strokes of cartoon style illustrations. But a little extras may makes a few feelings of freshness. The graphic more improved than the previous "Mambo di Kuale!!"."Kasih dan Awang: Hikayat Cinta Purbakala" it's try to connecting young generation by provoking cultures,social and human rights in Nur Azmi's way. By the way..the artist is artist but the jugde..is...you!!! keep on login this weblog for details about the book.

4 ulasan:

azzam bellamy berkata...

mie..hapdet la! lama sangat dh nih! bosan..bosan..bosan..hahaha!

el-Maaniq berkata...

insya ALLAH aku akan beli... (tapi kalau nak kasi free cam hari tu pun ok gak, hehe)

mon berkata...

bang, kat mana boleh dapat Mambo di Kuale tu lagi?


lokat berkata...

bile nak kuar ni.. lama tunggu dah nehh